The Best Tips for Mindful Technology Use

Technology is indeed a boom, but if it’s not used appropriately the technology can take over your life. One would get addicted to it and it can, in fact, affect one’s life badly in mJany ways. Hence you need to keep a proper check of the use of technology.  Below mentioned are few wise sayings about life which one should incorporate in his or her life.

Tips to follow

  • You should not have any type of screens like laptops, TV, tablets etc in the rooms where children or you go to sleep. When you go to bed, do leave them in a different room. The presence of these devices in the room can increase the stress hormone. One would often keep checking the phones to reduce the level of stress hormone. It would become then compulsive and repetitive.
  • One should never use the Smartphone as the alarm clock.
  • Only important notifications should be kept turned on, rest you need to keep it off. These notifications elevate one’s urge to use the phone and it activates the release of anticipatory dopamine.
  • It’s best if you could install software which monitors the time of usage of the phone by you or your children. This will help in creating a time frame for phone usage and one would be more mindful about the usage of the technology.
  • Make a list of things which one can spend their time with the children or themselves without using any technological devices. It could be a fun and creative task and one would be surprised to experience how much pleasure one gets from those activities.
  • Everyone should learn to cope up with boredom. Boredom is the pathway to creativity and it spurs the interpersonal motivation. It would help in creating plans to have a get together with friends and family.