How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Connectivity With Latest Tech

Whenever I visit my granny’s house, which is quite often as she is unwell I feel like I am jailed. The phone becomes dead with absolutely no network, let go the data connectivity. The surprise was that network was fine outside the house and the interior was like armor protecting itself from tower radiation! Being working and internet as a part of my daily routine, I decided to install a Wi-Fi but waited thinking what if the same problem comes again.

It was then I researched about the options technology can give me to improve the Wi-Fi signals. I searched for the best router suitable for my situation, which although gave many hits, I like this Spanish review site for best wireless routers.


Technology can surely come to my rescue


The elderly technique of adjusting antennae: Remember the good old days when television entered our drawing rooms? I still recollect my father adjusting the antenna from the terrace and I used to call out the improvement. As I told, coming to the present, the network was at the doorsteps but refused to come inside. So, I twisted my adjustable antennas with RP-SMA connectors. You can also use a directional antenna or RP-SMA antenna extension cables for the same purpose.

Find the channel with least interference: Apart from fighting the right spot to fix the router, I wanted to know if any other signals were interfering with my Wi-Fi signals. By using a Wi-Fi analyzer or Network Analyzer, I can find the channel with minimum interference, particularly from the college kid in the neighborhood.

Optimize the bandwidth: To control the slowing down of my connection because of simultaneous heavy application like games, films etc, I could use the Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritize them. I am tired of my sister’s habit of watching daily soaps on her mobile phone.

Increase transmission power: My router is among the averagely powerful ones. For those using powerful routers, above 70 milliwatts, you can install a DD-WRT firmware to increase the transmission power from a farther tower. If you use a range extender with this, you can ditch the network edge search inside the house.

If nothing works for you, get the help of another router either to assist the present one or to replace. Well, my solution here was not that expensive.