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Today we live in a technology generated world and business is no exception to it as there are tremendous methods to make your business famous and also the best way of earning a handsome money. Social media plays a huge role in making the business a global reality. You can buy and sell from being in any corner of the world.

Some of the best social media advertising methods according to the survey and research made by certain advertising agencies are listed here. More can be found and understood in for a better understanding.


The broad categories of social media advertising methods and their components are listed here :

  1. Social networking: this comprises of Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ which gives you the option to connect with a number of people from many sectors of the globe. This will help you to build a large network and later on promote your business.
  2. Microblogging: none are there today who don’t use Twitter and Tumblr as a means to advertise their creative talents and skills in a business. You start penning down your crazy thoughts and then in return, you get a huge crowd following and finally, you earn money.
  3. Photo sharing: multiple audiences can be targeted through wonderful and realistic photographs and these are the best medium of conveying Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are the pioneers in this kind of photo-based advertising. We have fitness, beauty, health, food, travel and what not covered in these sites.
  4. Video sharing: personal and face to face conversations bring in a lot of meaning to the business and also to the products that you are dealing in. videos can be shared across the globe by using youtube, facebook live, Vimeo which are now used by the entire world.

Hence dive around all these options and choose what turns best for you and your business strategy.…