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Read the below tips on how to be frugal while still enjoying technology and gadgets:

Look for offers:  Constantly chase offers.  Study the pattern of offers throughout the year and select the best period to buy gadgets.

Compare websites: Compare websites to find the best offer to save more money.

Used ones:  There is nothing wrong in buying used gadgets.  They come at a lesser cost.

Not the latest version:  Always don’t opt for the latest version of a gadget.  The price of the latest versions will be always high.  Instead, you can go in for the version introduced one year back.

Avail coupons and buy discounted gift cards:  There are sites like  CouponoBox which provide thousands of coupons and promo codes even on leading brands.  Also, buy discounted gift cards which provide considerable savings.

Check the cart before billing:  Grow the habit of inspecting your cart before billing.  Remove unnecessary items from the cart.

Refurbished products:  Leading brands offer refurbished products at a cheaper rate through their websites.  These are returned products from other customers.  But you need not worry about their quality since it is assured.

Buyback offer when you upgrade:  When you upgrade your gadgets, buy the new ones by selling old ones.

Upgrade spares in old stuff:  You can consider replacing spare parts of your old gadgets rather than spending the amount in buying a new one.

Frequent changes:  Get in touch with those who change gadgets frequently.  You can buy the slightly old one from them at a cheaper rate.

Multi-purpose gadgets:  Always opt for a single gadget which does multiple functions rather than buying multiple gadgets for multiple uses.  For example, if you want to read, listen to music and play games and browse, it is economical to invest in an iPad rather than buying a Kindle reader, a music system and a play station.…