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There is a blurring of the line between online and offline shopping:

Today, the new age customers do not make any distinction between online and offline shopping. They are as much savvy on both the medium. Then why do some people suddenly fear that online and digital technologies are going to change the shopping scape forever? We spoke to a few retail techies who are extremely optimistic about how the face of shopping is changing.

  1. The customers are armed with a lot of information:

Gone are the days when the customer came to a shop as a clean slate. Today, thanks to the internet he is armed with so much information that the job of the sales guy can actually be done away with!

  1. The retailers know the consumer trends today:

The internet surveys and interactive advertisements have helped the retailer in a big way. They now know the customer choices and trends and are able to better cater to them than in the past.

  1. The trend is online to offline nowadays:

People are continuously surfing the net and there is one hundred percent chance that the first time they saw a product is online. Looking out for the product in the real stores is only the next step nowadays.

  1. Thumbs up to customer reviews and testimonials:

Never before has public opinion mattered so much! People are already looking for what other people who bought the stuff are saying on the internet. The number of positive reviews on the internet definitely attributes more success to the sale of the product.

For instance, if I were to type best air purifiers in India and look for testimonials, I am so sure that I will zero in on the air purifier which has the most number of positive reviews about it. It is but natural!

  1. It is now easy for bringing the product alive on the screen:

If you have seen the virtual reality tools that shopping sites employ, you will want to only shop online for the convenience that it offers!

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