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The trending technology is constantly tuning our living pattern. Moreover, we have become addicted to the benefits of using the latest technology even in the case of our health that helps us to maintain a good and fit life. For example, we are using wearable electronic gadgets to sense our stress level, pulse rate, and even the sugar level. Thus, we are adopting these technology innovations to lead a happy and tension-free life.

However, the main digital enabled possibilities like mobility as well as cloud data storage has brought a source of revolution to the healthcare sector. Further, many companies are in the constant effort to develop health IT solutions that contribute well to the global population in improving their quality of life.

Here are key benefits of technological advancement in the medical field.

  1. Digital storage of medical records. Each and every paper document whether it is related to patients, doctors, staffs, hospitals and so are all replaced with digital content.
  • In fact, this helps in checking appointment availability with the specific doctor and also if needed, every personal data regarding sugar level, weight or so can be easily transferred for reference to another doctor on request. The main advantage behind this health record transfer includes instantly gaining the potential knowledge on a patient reaction to certain medicines and so, especially if the patient is unconscious.
  • At times of a common disease outbreak, the patients’ data can be forwarded to the clinical researchers where a thorough analysis can be done to detect the virus or bacteria causing it and thereby, enabling to immediately start taking the preventing measures to control it.
  1. The Big Cloud storage. The healthcare industry has already started collecting the samples from different people which are further analyzed by data experts. This has enabled us
  • To prevent early death by predicting diseases
  • To identify youth behavior disorders and forward such cases to PaySpi
  • To develop new medicines and so on.


Drug testing could be really exhausting. The drill is tedious and you have to breathe, spit and also give your urine sample to check for drug testing. The process is very familiar to most of them and they all know what it is to go through the whole drug testing process.

Waste no time and get your synthetic urine kit here. This is new in technology where all that you need to do is to touch the machine.That is it, it is as simple as it could get.

You are now freed from giving samples after samples for drug testing. All that you need to do is to provide a fingerprint and you are checked either negative or positive for drugs. Technology has indeed made it very simple.

The new method is non- invasive and this could change the analytics of drug testing.

The process

The method is highly complex but not for you. The molecules of your fingerprint are analyzed and when there is metabolism of drugs it helps to excrete the molecules. This gets easily detected in the fingerprint using the spectrometry.

The method is also highly accurate and it works even when your hands are washed. So you have no come clean trick out here.

The method is used to test or various drugs like cocaine and heroin.

Advantages of this method to test for drugs

The method is a real breakthrough in technology and it helps to bring drug testing real time. The test helps to give results in minutes which make it highly beneficial. There is also no way that one can fake in this test. The identity as well as the use of the substances get caught in this method of drug testing and thus saves from any deceitful practices. So you actually cannot use someone‚Äôs urine to pass the test.…