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Technology has changed our lives and has also started playing a big role in the development of our children. At learn how technology is changing the way children today are thinking and learning.

Technology is a boon as well as a bane. There is a fine line between the two which needs to be understood.

Learning made easy

Today it is possible to get vast information thanks to the internet and other technology. Children have access to the internet which means that they can read about anything that they want. Look back to just a decade where the only source of information on a particular subject was our school textbooks or maybe some book from the library. However with technology one can get into the subject much deeper based on the interest of the child. Also, the videos and the visual representation of the same topics makes it clearer for the child to understand the concept. This is because what we see visually stays in our memory for long.

This is definitely a boon for children when it comes to academics. However, it is important that parents take care to see what the child is watching on the internet. Too much information makes a child confused and he ultimately starts losing focus.

Managing technology exposure

Video games and other online games make a child increase his attentiveness and it is said that these games make a child different. But here again, the problem with too many options is that the child stops being creative. It is important that a child gets bored because then he comes up with his own ideas and starts looking beyond the obvious. This, in fact, is an important aspect of a child’s development.

Children today are thinking more advanced and their learning path and their focus have changed tremendously from what it was a decade back. It is just important that parents introduce technology in a positive way. Excess of anything is harmful to the child.…