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Read on to know the top tips for choosing the best headphones for running:

Moist free:  Wearing headphones while running makes the phones prone to sweat.  Hence it would be great if it is waterproof and moist free.  This can prevent getting the parts of the phone damaged from sweat.

Hands-free:  While running if you ensure that the hands are free you can run fast and freely.  Hence buying wireless Bluetooth headphones will be a great choice while running.  This will make the running experience strain-free and enjoyable.  Wireless headset gives a trendy look.  Running without disturbances alone will make the exercise more effective.  Read hello keto diet to know the tips for making running more useful and result-oriented.

Open design:  It is best to choose a headset with an open design which enables listening to sounds in the surroundings.  Since running on roads require to ensure safety these headphones are preferable.  It helps to focus on sounds so that staying away from risk is easy.

In line microphone:  Ensure that the headset has an in-line microphone so that you need not to interrupt running for volume adjustments.

Tangle-free:  If you are buying a wired headset, ensure that the wires are tangle free.  Handling the headphones will be smooth then.

Good sound:  Ensure that the headphones provide good and clear sound.  The main purpose of having headphones is to listen to music so the tiredness is felt less while running.  So crystal clear sound will ensure good listening.

Durability:  Headphones are prone to hot, wet and cold climatic changes.  Moreover, these would be used daily.  Hence ensure a durable and good quality brand while buying.

Comfort n safe:  Eardrums are sensitive and have to be cautiously protected.  The headphones should not cause any discomfort to ears.  These should be safe for prolonged usage.

Ensure all the above points while selecting headphones for running.


Along with checking sites like MOVO MOVO for alternate methods of weight loss, you can also rely on weight loss apps for a more structured workout plan.

Here are five of the top eight loose apps of 2018.

  1. MyFitnessPal: The first step to weight loss is to keep track of what you eat and how much you eat. Rated a 5/5 on both Android and iPhone, this app will help you stay on the course of your weight loss program. With a database of over 6 million foods, it becomes easier to keep track of almost anything that you eat. One major advantage of this app is that users can screen barcode to know more about a product.
  2. Lose it: This app is built to help you devise your own diet plan to lose weight. With this app, you can actually find out if certain foods are helping you to lose weight or not. You can also look up the nutritional information on what you eat.
  3. Weight Watchers: In this app, your activity level is measured by your hit points which are nothing but the number of steps you take daily. The app is free but if you want more from it you can choose a paid subscription.
  4. Noom Coach: A little bit of psychological help is not bad when you want to lose weight. Noom coach offers you that help by identifying the triggers and assisting you in adopting healthier habits. The app offers daily weight loss program along with programs for health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes; these programs are created by doctors. You can check if free on a trial basis.
  5. Fitness Buddy+: Priced at around $3.99 on iPhone and $2.99 on Android this app has a staggering 1700 exercises from which you can choose your workout schedule. You can also have access to almost 1000 videos on how-to and improvise your workout plan regularly for more benefits.