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Printing technology has change in recent times and with new and innovative methods there really is a need to keep up with the latest technological advances with the printing industry.

There are currently around 6 various types of color printers and these do not include 3D printing machines, although there is some crossover.

Inkjet Printers

These use minute jets of ink to print and create characters with. There have been some advances with new thermal methods like the piezo electric system. This uses nozzle that is connected to an electrical charge for allowing a tiny print to occur.

3D Printing

3D printers work in a similar fashion to other printers but uses thousands of tiny layers to create a 3d version of an item. There have been recent news about how MIT’s new desktop is speeding things up by up to ten times more. This has been great for manufactures and will help the industry grow. There have been many developments and the best 3d printers under 500 are continuing to reduce in cost due to the advancements in technology.

Thermal Wax Printers

Thermal wax printers are advancing and there have been some improvement in the dye-sublimation method, which is making the color transparencies more vibrant and more cost effective. This is one of the most expensive methods and is why these recent developments in technology have made some printing manufactures seek to expand their client reach.

There have been improvements in making printers faster and previous limitations have been speed up to allows industries to utilize. Multicolored printing has also allowed for the range of 3d printing to improve and combined colors has lead to a wide use with multicolored printing use.


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