Month: November 2018

Our car is becoming part of our daily essentials; we need it to travel from home to office and back and for many other tasks. In order to keep it working properly, we need to take care of it and make sure it is well maintained. Regular maintenance will not only keep it up and running but will save a lot of money on repairs that can occur because of negligence. Here are some smart tips that you can use to keep your car well maintained.

1) Warning light indicators: Many modern cars have inbuilt warning lights that flash when the related system is not working, like the brake lights, engine lights. Don’t ignore these lights; instead get the vehicle checked as early as possible to avoid further damage.

2) Replace broken parts: Sometimes we ignore replacing smaller parts like indicator lights or the windshield wipers as they do not stop the functioning of the vehicle. But they are equally important part of your car and should be replaced as early as possible. Check out 247spares for cheap car parts.

3) Check Engine coolant level: Your vehicles when running generates heat and so it is crucial to keep it cool as possible else it may stop working half way. Modern cars come with coolant reservoirs with appropriate level markings that can help you to keep a check on it.

4) Keep note of fuel usage: Efficiently running engine will burn the fuel correctly, so keep a note of fuel usage that can indicate if the vehicle is requiring more fuel than usual usage. There could be many reasons behind it and a detail inspection of the vehicle can give you a clear idea.

5) Battery Life: Vehicles battery is also a very important part of every vehicle. Extreme cold or hot climate can affect the battery life, so regular check and maintenance of batteries can ensure its smooth working.

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Technology has changed our lives and has also started playing a big role in the development of our children. At learn how technology is changing the way children today are thinking and learning.

Technology is a boon as well as a bane. There is a fine line between the two which needs to be understood.

Learning made easy

Today it is possible to get vast information thanks to the internet and other technology. Children have access to the internet which means that they can read about anything that they want. Look back to just a decade where the only source of information on a particular subject was our school textbooks or maybe some book from the library. However with technology one can get into the subject much deeper based on the interest of the child. Also, the videos and the visual representation of the same topics makes it clearer for the child to understand the concept. This is because what we see visually stays in our memory for long.

This is definitely a boon for children when it comes to academics. However, it is important that parents take care to see what the child is watching on the internet. Too much information makes a child confused and he ultimately starts losing focus.

Managing technology exposure

Video games and other online games make a child increase his attentiveness and it is said that these games make a child different. But here again, the problem with too many options is that the child stops being creative. It is important that a child gets bored because then he comes up with his own ideas and starts looking beyond the obvious. This, in fact, is an important aspect of a child’s development.

Children today are thinking more advanced and their learning path and their focus have changed tremendously from what it was a decade back. It is just important that parents introduce technology in a positive way. Excess of anything is harmful to the child.…


Today’s smartphones, televisions, and computers come with the option to play HD videos of great quality. So when you download any video look for HD videos to be able to make the most of your smartphone or computer. And for large screen televisions, HD videos are the best choices to do justice to the big screen and to be able to deliver smooth quality even at a higher resolution. YouTube is one of the most popular videos sharing platforms today. Not all uploaders upload high definition videos. But for those videos where HD is available, you might be manually setting the play mode. By default, YouTube optimizes the video playback quality based on the speed of the data connectivity available and the best quality available for the video. The difference in video quality shows visibly when you choose to play the video on a full-screen mode on any device. If you would like to play the videos in HD by default here are a few things you can do-

You can change the playback option directly from the video where you can choose from the available video playback quality options. There was earlier an option to choose to play videos in HD always when you choose Fullscreen. This option was available on the playback settings tab in the account settings page. But if you wish to force all videos to play on HD by default in a more convenient way without having to change the settings you could easily install a browser extension for the browser you use. There are also other players that you could use to play videos from YouTube and you can easily change the playback option on these players. Finally, you can download the hd apk for cartoon here and enjoy HD formats of the best cartoon videos.


Read the below tips on how to be frugal while still enjoying technology and gadgets:

Look for offers:  Constantly chase offers.  Study the pattern of offers throughout the year and select the best period to buy gadgets.

Compare websites: Compare websites to find the best offer to save more money.

Used ones:  There is nothing wrong in buying used gadgets.  They come at a lesser cost.

Not the latest version:  Always don’t opt for the latest version of a gadget.  The price of the latest versions will be always high.  Instead, you can go in for the version introduced one year back.

Avail coupons and buy discounted gift cards:  There are sites like  CouponoBox which provide thousands of coupons and promo codes even on leading brands.  Also, buy discounted gift cards which provide considerable savings.

Check the cart before billing:  Grow the habit of inspecting your cart before billing.  Remove unnecessary items from the cart.

Refurbished products:  Leading brands offer refurbished products at a cheaper rate through their websites.  These are returned products from other customers.  But you need not worry about their quality since it is assured.

Buyback offer when you upgrade:  When you upgrade your gadgets, buy the new ones by selling old ones.

Upgrade spares in old stuff:  You can consider replacing spare parts of your old gadgets rather than spending the amount in buying a new one.

Frequent changes:  Get in touch with those who change gadgets frequently.  You can buy the slightly old one from them at a cheaper rate.

Multi-purpose gadgets:  Always opt for a single gadget which does multiple functions rather than buying multiple gadgets for multiple uses.  For example, if you want to read, listen to music and play games and browse, it is economical to invest in an iPad rather than buying a Kindle reader, a music system and a play station.…