Month: October 2018

The trending technology is constantly tuning our living pattern. Moreover, we have become addicted to the benefits of using the latest technology even in the case of our health that helps us to maintain a good and fit life. For example, we are using wearable electronic gadgets to sense our stress level, pulse rate, and even the sugar level. Thus, we are adopting these technology innovations to lead a happy and tension-free life.

However, the main digital enabled possibilities like mobility as well as cloud data storage has brought a source of revolution to the healthcare sector. Further, many companies are in the constant effort to develop health IT solutions that contribute well to the global population in improving their quality of life.

Here are key benefits of technological advancement in the medical field.

  1. Digital storage of medical records. Each and every paper document whether it is related to patients, doctors, staffs, hospitals and so are all replaced with digital content.
  • In fact, this helps in checking appointment availability with the specific doctor and also if needed, every personal data regarding sugar level, weight or so can be easily transferred for reference to another doctor on request. The main advantage behind this health record transfer includes instantly gaining the potential knowledge on a patient reaction to certain medicines and so, especially if the patient is unconscious.
  • At times of a common disease outbreak, the patients’ data can be forwarded to the clinical researchers where a thorough analysis can be done to detect the virus or bacteria causing it and thereby, enabling to immediately start taking the preventing measures to control it.
  1. The Big Cloud storage. The healthcare industry has already started collecting the samples from different people which are further analyzed by data experts. This has enabled us
  • To prevent early death by predicting diseases
  • To identify youth behavior disorders and forward such cases to PaySpi
  • To develop new medicines and so on.


You should never be in a belief that you will not be targeted by the hackers. Everyone is at risk all the time.  The stakes are quite high as you are risking the financial and personal well-being.  You should be responsible and keep all your data protected. It is best if you get a Fully-Verified video kyc app so that your information and data are protected. Below mentioned are tips to follow.

Keep the software up-to-date- It is very much critical that you need to keep installing the software updates for your devices and operating system. It is essential that you turn on the automatic updates.

Practice good management of your passwords- Everyone has many passwords and to manage it easily, people will take short-cuts. A good password management program will help you in maintaining unique strong passwords for your accounts. Whenever you create a password try to make a long one with a strong mix of different characters.

Avoid phishing scams- One would face the constant threat of phishing scams.  The cybercriminals would be finding different tricks to get your personal information like your credit card or banking information, passwords, login ID, etc.  These scams are carried out by text messages, social networking sites, etc.  But mostly through emails.

Be cautious of what you click- You should avoid visiting the websites that are not popular or downloading any kind of software from untrusted sources. These sites would often host malware which silently and automatically compromises the computer. Don’t click on suspicious links.

Never leave the devices unattended- The physical security of the device as important as technical security. If you have to leave the laptop, tablet or any other device for some time, then you should lock it so that no one else will be able to use it.