Month: October 2018

Today we live in a technology generated world and business is no exception to it as there are tremendous methods to make your business famous and also the best way of earning a handsome money. Social media plays a huge role in making the business a global reality. You can buy and sell from being in any corner of the world.

Some of the best social media advertising methods according to the survey and research made by certain advertising agencies are listed here. More can be found and understood in for a better understanding.


The broad categories of social media advertising methods and their components are listed here :

  1. Social networking: this comprises of Facebook, Linkedin and Google+ which gives you the option to connect with a number of people from many sectors of the globe. This will help you to build a large network and later on promote your business.
  2. Microblogging: none are there today who don’t use Twitter and Tumblr as a means to advertise their creative talents and skills in a business. You start penning down your crazy thoughts and then in return, you get a huge crowd following and finally, you earn money.
  3. Photo sharing: multiple audiences can be targeted through wonderful and realistic photographs and these are the best medium of conveying Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest are the pioneers in this kind of photo-based advertising. We have fitness, beauty, health, food, travel and what not covered in these sites.
  4. Video sharing: personal and face to face conversations bring in a lot of meaning to the business and also to the products that you are dealing in. videos can be shared across the globe by using youtube, facebook live, Vimeo which are now used by the entire world.

Hence dive around all these options and choose what turns best for you and your business strategy.…


Technology is indeed a boom, but if it’s not used appropriately the technology can take over your life. One would get addicted to it and it can, in fact, affect one’s life badly in mJany ways. Hence you need to keep a proper check of the use of technology.  Below mentioned are few wise sayings about life which one should incorporate in his or her life.

Tips to follow

  • You should not have any type of screens like laptops, TV, tablets etc in the rooms where children or you go to sleep. When you go to bed, do leave them in a different room. The presence of these devices in the room can increase the stress hormone. One would often keep checking the phones to reduce the level of stress hormone. It would become then compulsive and repetitive.
  • One should never use the Smartphone as the alarm clock.
  • Only important notifications should be kept turned on, rest you need to keep it off. These notifications elevate one’s urge to use the phone and it activates the release of anticipatory dopamine.
  • It’s best if you could install software which monitors the time of usage of the phone by you or your children. This will help in creating a time frame for phone usage and one would be more mindful about the usage of the technology.
  • Make a list of things which one can spend their time with the children or themselves without using any technological devices. It could be a fun and creative task and one would be surprised to experience how much pleasure one gets from those activities.
  • Everyone should learn to cope up with boredom. Boredom is the pathway to creativity and it spurs the interpersonal motivation. It would help in creating plans to have a get together with friends and family.


There is a blurring of the line between online and offline shopping:

Today, the new age customers do not make any distinction between online and offline shopping. They are as much savvy on both the medium. Then why do some people suddenly fear that online and digital technologies are going to change the shopping scape forever? We spoke to a few retail techies who are extremely optimistic about how the face of shopping is changing.

  1. The customers are armed with a lot of information:

Gone are the days when the customer came to a shop as a clean slate. Today, thanks to the internet he is armed with so much information that the job of the sales guy can actually be done away with!

  1. The retailers know the consumer trends today:

The internet surveys and interactive advertisements have helped the retailer in a big way. They now know the customer choices and trends and are able to better cater to them than in the past.

  1. The trend is online to offline nowadays:

People are continuously surfing the net and there is one hundred percent chance that the first time they saw a product is online. Looking out for the product in the real stores is only the next step nowadays.

  1. Thumbs up to customer reviews and testimonials:

Never before has public opinion mattered so much! People are already looking for what other people who bought the stuff are saying on the internet. The number of positive reviews on the internet definitely attributes more success to the sale of the product.

For instance, if I were to type best air purifiers in India and look for testimonials, I am so sure that I will zero in on the air purifier which has the most number of positive reviews about it. It is but natural!

  1. It is now easy for bringing the product alive on the screen:

If you have seen the virtual reality tools that shopping sites employ, you will want to only shop online for the convenience that it offers!

Home Improvement

The trending technology is constantly tuning our living pattern. Moreover, we have become addicted to the benefits of using the latest technology even in the case of our health that helps us to maintain a good and fit life. For example, we are using wearable electronic gadgets to sense our stress level, pulse rate, and even the sugar level. Thus, we are adopting these technology innovations to lead a happy and tension-free life.

However, the main digital enabled possibilities like mobility as well as cloud data storage has brought a source of revolution to the healthcare sector. Further, many companies are in the constant effort to develop health IT solutions that contribute well to the global population in improving their quality of life.

Here are key benefits of technological advancement in the medical field.

  1. Digital storage of medical records. Each and every paper document whether it is related to patients, doctors, staffs, hospitals and so are all replaced with digital content.
  • In fact, this helps in checking appointment availability with the specific doctor and also if needed, every personal data regarding sugar level, weight or so can be easily transferred for reference to another doctor on request. The main advantage behind this health record transfer includes instantly gaining the potential knowledge on a patient reaction to certain medicines and so, especially if the patient is unconscious.
  • At times of a common disease outbreak, the patients’ data can be forwarded to the clinical researchers where a thorough analysis can be done to detect the virus or bacteria causing it and thereby, enabling to immediately start taking the preventing measures to control it.
  1. The Big Cloud storage. The healthcare industry has already started collecting the samples from different people which are further analyzed by data experts. This has enabled us
  • To prevent early death by predicting diseases
  • To identify youth behavior disorders and forward such cases to PaySpi
  • To develop new medicines and so on.


You should never be in a belief that you will not be targeted by the hackers. Everyone is at risk all the time.  The stakes are quite high as you are risking the financial and personal well-being.  You should be responsible and keep all your data protected. It is best if you get a Fully-Verified video kyc app so that your information and data are protected. Below mentioned are tips to follow.

Keep the software up-to-date- It is very much critical that you need to keep installing the software updates for your devices and operating system. It is essential that you turn on the automatic updates.

Practice good management of your passwords- Everyone has many passwords and to manage it easily, people will take short-cuts. A good password management program will help you in maintaining unique strong passwords for your accounts. Whenever you create a password try to make a long one with a strong mix of different characters.

Avoid phishing scams- One would face the constant threat of phishing scams.  The cybercriminals would be finding different tricks to get your personal information like your credit card or banking information, passwords, login ID, etc.  These scams are carried out by text messages, social networking sites, etc.  But mostly through emails.

Be cautious of what you click- You should avoid visiting the websites that are not popular or downloading any kind of software from untrusted sources. These sites would often host malware which silently and automatically compromises the computer. Don’t click on suspicious links.

Never leave the devices unattended- The physical security of the device as important as technical security. If you have to leave the laptop, tablet or any other device for some time, then you should lock it so that no one else will be able to use it.