Day: June 27, 2018

Be it a small boat you choose or a luxury yacht, the feeling of sailing on the ocean is unparalleled. If you are looking to buy a yacht or a yacht for charter, 4yacht is where you should head on to. Buying a yacht is simple these days and maintaining one is even simpler.

Technology has changed every aspect of life. Sailing has also been made simpler and safer with the help of various tech equipment. Here are a few notable pieces of tech equipment that have changed sailing and made it easier:

  1. Autopilot feature

Most boats now come with autopilot modes. These are pretty handy at the time of emergencies. When the crew is occupied, if there is additional support needed then the autopilot unit can take charge.

  1. Multifunction display units

MFDs or multifunction displays, as the name indicates, are display units that allow skippers to collectively view all the information in one place. This is an upgraded version of the conventional GPS systems. So the skipper can simply access information about the course of the ship, direction or progress and the exact location without having to get to the RADAR unit.

  1. VHF radio

Be it for a small yacht or a large ship VHF radios are more useful that you can imagine. The actual channels used might vary from one country to another but you would be able to make use of marine VHF radios in times of dire emergencies. VHF radios of the modern times come with a lot of added features to help sailors get help instantly.

Besides the above-mentioned tools there are night vision cameras, automatic identification systems and a lot more cool new tools that assist sailors. Some of this equipment might be expensive. Based on the type of boat you own and the frequency of use, suitable types of equipment could be shortlisted.…